3 Ways Restaurants are Increasing Instagram Engagement

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Instagram Food

If there’s one thing everyone knows about Instagram, it’s that people love sharing their food. Whether it’s on their Story, an album to show what the whole table ordered or a good old-fashioned single post, we see food popping all over our feeds. What makes one restaurant more Insta-worthy over the next? We break it down below.


  1. Over the Top: Ingredients piled high on a sandwich, a fishbowl with 10 straws to share a cocktail with the table and more. The more dramatic and over-the-top your food is, the better chance it has at getting that special spot on a fan’s Instagram. Because, if it’s *that* impressive, you just have to snap a photo.


  1. All in the Presentation: People aren’t just Instagramming a simple cheeseburger. It’s a cheeseburger wrapped in kraft paper alongside a mason jar full of french fries. The more time you spend on the presentation of your food, the more likely someone has to document their visit.


  1. A Good Atmosphere: They aren’t always posting about the excellent grub. The restaurant atmosphere plays a big role in whether it’s getting posted about or not. An interesting piece of art or a brightly painted wall may be all it takes to increase photos of your restaurant on Instagram.


What’s your criteria when sharing food on Instagram? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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