Growing your following organically can be a tough task in the oversaturated world of Instagram. Looking for a some tips to polish your account? See below for four strategies we’ve learned along the way.  

1. Focus on Your Followers: Yes, your Instagram profile is about your brand, but it’s better to flip the script and think about how your brand fits into others’ lifestyles. Let people live vicariously through your images and they may be more likely to follow. One example - showing a hand holding a product but not necessarily showing the person’s face in the photo.

2. Be Optimistic: While Twitter is for hard hitting news and world events, Instagram is all about positivity. It’s where inspirational quotes first shined and where brightly colored photos often get the most engagement. Think of ways your content can inspire and delight and save the dreary stuff for other networks.

3. Polish Your Bio: While some might look past the bio, avid Instagrammers know the importance of having a polished bio that tells users exactly what they’re about to see. Think of it as a quick snapshot of what fans are following — the who, what, why.

4. Think Big Picture: Yes, each post is its own photo but a good account considers how those photos work together. When you are planning out content look at the different types of photos and make sure you are varying your shot styles; also consider color schemes. Accounts like @sprinkledlife use bright colors as their signature way to stand out.

What are your Instagram tips and tricks? Share them with us in the comments below.