Ever since Twitter launched in 2006, we’ve all been perfecting the art of crafting a message in a limited amount of characters. Below are five fast and easy ways step up your tweeting game.

1. Copy: Even with the newly expanded character count, your tweet should be short, sweet and to the point. Each tweet should stand alone and contain some piece of impactful information - whether you’re being clever, funny, useful or informational. Nothing is worse than a tweet rampage of a single idea spewed across several tweets, save that for a blog if you must.

2. Image: You only have a select number of characters to work with, but lucky for you, a picture speaks a thousand words. Take your tweet to the next level with a relevant picture that will catch your followers’ eyes. Studies show engagement rises when there’s an image or video attached.

3. Hashtags: Much like any other social media outlet, you’ll want to cap off your tweet with a relevant hashtag or two. Don’t overdo it, but adding a couple meaningful hashtags will help extend your reach to more than just your current followers.

4. The Tag: Tweeting about how your brand was just featured on a news site? Mentioning a non-profit partner you just volunteered with? Talking about a store where people can find your product? Take the time to tag those you mention within your tweet. It will extend your reach and overall engagement, and let your partners know you were promoting them as well.

5. The Trend: Tapping into key moments in the world is easy to do on Twitter. Simply look at what’s trending, whether it’s a national food holiday or a big sporting event, and apply it to your brand. This can help you join the conversation and is an easy way to get noticed by accounts that don’t already follow you.

Do you have any Twitter tips or tricks? Be sure to leave them in the comments below or tweet us at @csandora.