Before we jump into the pros and cons of incorporating micro-influencers versus celebrities into your marketing plan, let’s discuss who these individuals are in the digital world.

Micro-influencers are relatable people who are good at something and become well-known in their industry. They have inspired others to follow them and thus built an audience. However, they’ve also taken it a step further by encouraging these followers to take action. For example, leading followers to buy a shirt they’re wearing directly from their Instagram page, or going to a craft store and checking off a list of supplies they used to make a holiday wreath seen on Facebook. These individuals may be fashion bloggers, foodies or anything in between. On the other hand, a celebrity’s fame is used in marketing to promote a brand.

Pros of Micro-Influencers

Authenticity. Micro-influencers are real people with values. They are relatable individuals who have loyal followers.

Usually High Engagement. When it comes to the follower count, the “more the merrier” doesn’t apply. More impressions are sometimes made with a smaller following than a larger one when influencers have the right niche.

Lower Cost. Smaller brands are able to afford working with micro-influencers, while they may not have the opportunity with celebrities who require a larger budget.

Cons of Micro-Influencers

Less Brand Recognition. If your ultimate goal is top-of-mind awareness, it may be best to incorporate a celebrity into your marketing initiative rather than a lesser-known micro-influencer.

More Work to Reach Consumers. Researching to find the right influencers takes time, however the ROI can be huge.

Potential for Less Engagement. There is a possibility of less engagement if you cannot find the right type of influencer for a particular brand.

Pros of Celebrities

Tapping into New Markets. For example, someone who looks up to a famous individual who eats a certain brand of breakfast cereal, is a source for encouraging a fan to try.

Familiar Face. People will better remember a product when they see a familiar face tied to a brand.

Brand Equity. Celebrities can build brand equity faster than a micro-influencer because of their popularity.

Cons of Celebrities

Out of Touch. Celebrities can seem out of touch with the general public. They are less relatable in terms of the every-day person’s wants and needs.

More Expensive. Celebrities charge more money for brands to endorse them. It makes you wonder whether the particular brand is something they actually enjoy.

Image Change & Overshadowing. A celebrity’s image can change, and in addition they can overshadow a brand. You must choose wisely when it comes to celebrity endorsements.

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