In case you haven’t started your holiday marketing early, we discuss last minute options on how to use social media to drive holiday sales this season. Consumers turn to social media for gift ideas and discounts more now than ever before, so make sure your business is part of the conversation.

Use Carousel Ads. These advertisements show multiple products featured through slides and are linked to the company website. In fact, they are proven to be ten times more effective than static sponsored ads. Interactivity is key.

Location Targeting Ads. Direct online advertisements to consumers based on where they currently are. If users are out and about holiday shopping, and happen to scroll through their Facebook feed, they are more inclined to visit. Convenience is key.

Go Live. Going live will boost excitement during in-store contests or featuring last minute gift ideas for those that are hard to buy for. Think about showcasing stocking stuffer ideas for that final hour of shopping. Awareness is key.

"Buy" Buttons.  Make shopping easier for consumers with “Buy” buttons. Instead of having a user click a link to a website and redirect them to a new page. Use the “Buy” button directly on the social networking site.

Incorporate Deals, Promotions & Contests. Inform consumers about deals, promotions and contests through social media. Create a call to action. For example, if you like our company page on Facebook, you’ll receive 10% off your purchase in stores this holiday season. An extra incentive this time of year may do wonders.

Have any ideas to leverage social media as a way to drive last minute holiday sales?

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