To the rest of the world, an influencer is a celebrity who endorses a product, or who pops up on a commercial for a popular product. But in the digital world, it’s all about social influencers — real people, with real influence in their field. It’s a marketing tactic that’s still relatively new and not always easy to execute. Why? Because choosing experts that matter in your field or to your business can be a challenge. We’ve pulled together three ways you can find the influencers who matter in your business.

  1. Right Relevance:  Right Relevance is a site that lets you discover and follow relevant, influential experts in the area you’re interested in. Simply connect your Twitter account, search keywords that matter to your business, and get ready for a whole new realm of influencers you never knew existed.

  2. Klout: Deciding on which influencers to use or target isn’t cut and dry since it’s not always about the number of followers they have. Enter: Klout scores. While this isn’t a definite number (it can fluctuate dramatically even if you aren’t active for short periods...cancel that Twitter vacation), it serves as a good guideline.

  3. Be Active: Right Relevance and Klout scores can tell you a lot, but sometimes going back to the basics can be most beneficial when researching influencers. Spend time on social and you’ll see the main players continue to pop up in Twitter Chats, Twitter Lists and more. Take note of the active ones, and try to use them to your advantage.

What do you use to find the right influencers? Be sure to share them in the comments below.