More productivity? Better communication? Coworkers staying connected? This is music to business owners’ ears. Workplace by Facebook is a new feature that lets your team connect on a whole new level, and we’re breaking down four of its features you need to try out below.

1. Groups: If you have a large company that’s split into multiple teams, using the Groups feature is essential. Add a group for your Marketing team, Engineering team and others to keep everyone in the loop, without cluttering feeds with information that isn’t relevant to their job.

2. Go Live: Yes, Facebook Live for Workplace exists. Want to present to the whole team without making everyone get up from their desk? The Live Video feature allows you to broadcast straight to mobile phones or desktops.

3. Collaborate With Others: Is your team working on a project with another business? Then you’re in luck. With Workplace, you can create collaborative groups between the two companies. Say hello to streamlined communication.

4. Messaging: Instant messaging for those times email is just too slow.  Just as simple as traditional Facebook Messaging, Work Chat allows you to communicate quickly, plus there's the all important library of gifs and emojis you can throw in as needed. 

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