To most, LinkedIn is just a simple place to show your experience and hopefully get noticed by a recruiter, but from from a B2B perspective there is so much more to the social media platform. We breakdown the types of LinkedIn Pages that are now available. 

1. Personal / Employee: Let’s start with the basics. In order to use LinkedIn’s more in-depth page options to their full capabilities, you first have to create a LinkedIn profile. This is where you can add your personal information like work experience and contact info. You should also encourage your employees to create personal pages. They’ll not only be the first likely members of your Company Page but they can also share the buzz when it comes to your Company’s LinkedIn Articles or posts.

2. Company Page: Next up, you can build your business presence on LinkedIn by utilizing a Company Page. All you need to get started is a LinkedIn account and a verified email address. This type of page not only allows you to engage your colleagues and share content, but it also allows you to promote your brand. While LinkedIn isn’t on par with Facebook in the analytics department they are making strides. Use the analytics to find insight into who is visiting the page as well as potential leads.

3. Career Pages: A LinkedIn Career Page is a place to showcase your company’s culture using photos and videos, making it the perfect place to give your company personality. It also allows you to target the right talent, easily showcase current job openings and more.

4. Showcase Page: Once you have these pages set up, you can try out Showcase Pages, which is a way highlight specific departments within your company or different business or product lines. If you want to separate out your Marketing, Engineering and Design teams, this is the place to do it.

What are your favorite LinkedIn features? Let us know in the comments!