From selling to serving, we’re seeing beverage brands leverage new technology to connect with consumers. Check out our top five below.

1. The Tech Serve: A coupon code via Facebook Messenger Bots, an app to order their favorite liquor so they can avoid store… that’s just the beginning. Brands are serving guests where they’re at most: on their phone.

2. Maker Technology: Countertop brewers and alcohol infusers are the new mixers and toasters. Consumers are adding tech appliances to their countertops that take consumers from average joe to master distiller.  

3. Hi-Tech Pour: Want a draft pour on a canned beer? Coming right up. Want to keep things consistent with an exact shot poured every time? No problem. Consumers are replicating the in-bar experience at home with new hi-tech gadgets.

4. Responsible Tech: From apps that send push notifications to prevent people from overindulging to tracking your blood alcohol content on an Apple Watch, new technology is keeping consumers in check while imbibing.

5. Virtual Tours: Consumers now have access to 360 degree tours of distilleries, what the full production journey is like and so much more. With the help of Virtual Reality, consumers learn more about the spirits industry without leaving the comfort of their couch.

What tech trends are you seeing in the beverage industry? Share them with us in the comments below.