Mark Zuckerberg declared yet another cut for organic reach on Facebook for publishers and businesses. The move occurred as people felt they were seeing less of the content that matters from friends and family, and Facebook felt there was too much passive scrolling and not enough meaningful interactions. 

So what does this mean if you're a brand? Well first you let out a big sigh. Then you pull yourself together and tackle your next round of content with these suggestions:

1. Create content that feels like a friend. Think about driving those meaningful interactions by asking questions of fans or featuring fan photos. Less "me", more "we". Facebook claims they'll reward you for doing so.

2. Be prepared to pay. For those lucky pages that were still receiving decent organic reach, you may need to carve out ad dollars when you see reach drop. For those who are paying, you may need to pay more to get in the newsfeed. What was unclear about Zuckerberg's announcement was how it impacted ads if it did at all. 

3. Go beyond your own account. Tapping social influencers may be more important than ever. Think about ways you can get someone else to tell your story for you, whether that's reaching out directly or hiring an agency to do outreach on your behalf. (We happen to know a good one).

The game in social is always changing, and you need to adapt with it - from new networks to a new content strategy. It can be frustrating at times, but at least it's never dull. What strategies will you employ if organic reach drops further? Tell us in the comments below.