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New Features

Instagram Hashtags: Instagram is stepping up its game once again with the ability to follow hashtags just like an account. If you didn’t think grouping photos was important to your business, think again. With this new feature, photos relative to your #interests will surface on your main feed.

Instagram Story Archives & Highlights: Hang on to those stories longer. Archives lets users save the stories they post for later use, including sharing them again in the new Highlights section below your bio.

Facebook Messenger's World Effects: Like Snapchat, Facebook is rolling out a new Messenger feature in which users can drop 3D objects and text on to photos using their rear camera and augmented reality.

Twitter Threads: Following a hot Twitter conversation (a.k.a. tweetstorm) just got easier with Twitter Threads. You can now tap the plus sign in a tweet and add your two cents to the topic, going beyond even the newly extended 280 characters.  As a lurker...we mean, viewer, you can hit “show this thread” and find the entire conversation.

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To try in January: Good Social Habits

There’s no better time than the new year to ask yourself how you can step up your social media game. From great visuals to better community management, we break down five good social media habits for 2018.  Read more...

Social Stats

of people who complain about a brand on Twitter expect a response within an hour. 

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of people who have a good service experience with a brand on social are likely to recommend it to others.

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of retailers' stories on social happened on Instagram.

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