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In a recent episode of Eat, Drink, Social, we speak with Angela Roberts of Spinach Tiger and Nashville Foodbuzz. Angela shares her perspectives on food blogging and why she believe Instagram is the most powerful network to be on. To hear from Angela and other food & beverage influencers, subscribe to our podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you may listen to podcasts.

Reeling in Impressions

Our client Toadfish’s new Fishing Rod gets an unboxing video from YouTube’s Josh Taylor. Instead of spending money on a commercial, YouTubers can often provide video great content and an honest review for the price of just the product itself.

Stats for the Future

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What will the consumers of the future expect? The Future of E-Commerce was recently published by our friends at Social Media Today. Here are our favorite stats:

  • 79% of US consumers said they’re more than willing to request drone delivery if their package could be delivered within one hour.

  • 85% of all customer interactions will be handled without the need of a human agent by 2020.

  • 56% of consumers have used their mobile device to research products at home.

  • The share of purchases through smartphones and tablets will increase to 69% by 2020.

Which brings us to our next point below...

New Features

Shopping on Instagram: You’ll start seeing brands feature products in Stories with new shoppable links.

Facebook Pages can now join groups. Why does this matter? Brand pages can now get their message out to their core audience. For example, a Tequila brand could join a group for tequila lovers.

Twitter timeline could change for users who want to see a chronological feed. Though they’re still testing it and slowly rolling it out, this will allow some users to get a more timely timeline.

To Try This Month

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