As people continue to flock to Instagram, hashtags have become a necessary tactic for cutting through the clutter. We take a look at the top five hashtags of 2018 and whether or not they may be useful for your business.

#Love - Used in more than 1.2 billion posts, the use of this hashtag reaffirms the fact that positivity drives Instagram engagement. While your friends and family may be talking politics on Facebook, people in general rally around good vibes on Instagram.

For Businesses: The use of #love could be a great option for a post around fan appreciation - after all, you should #love your community if you want them to #love you back.

#Instagood - This hashtag is used for a photo or deed that someone is particularly proud of, in short something he/she deems good.

For Businesses: Millennials continue to reward companies that give back and #Instagood is one way of highlighting good deeds. By talking about the good you do in the community you can show the world a softer side of your brand or business.

#Photooftheday - A nod to the the visual aspect of social, this hashtag has been used more than 490 million times.

For Businesses: While this hashtag could easily get you lost in a vast wasteland of posts, if you have a special photo you want to highlight, #Photooftheday could be a nice strategy. Just remember to include additional hashtags that are less general and more relevant to your industry as well.

#Fashion - Social influencers who double as fashion bloggers, are abundant on Instagram connecting brands and fans through shopping apps. People tune in daily to see what their favorite influencer is wearing or rather the #OOTD (outfit of the day).

For Businesses: If you aren’t in the fashion industry, this hashtag may not apply. We don’t recommend using a hashtag for the sake of just using it. You want to lead the right people to your account for it to translate into sales.

#Beautiful - Instagram isn’t a place for just any photo, it’s a place for your best shots. While Facebook and Twitter don’t have to be picture perfect, Instagram is often curated and the bar is set higher.

For Businesses: Think about where you find beauty at your workplace. It may be a sun setting over your office building or you could have fun with it and show the perfect, most beautiful burger. Just make sure whatever it is, you are equally inspired by it.

What hashtags have you seen drive traffic to your Instagram posts? Tell us in the comments below and be sure to follow us on social for more conversation!