First there were stickers, then filters and now polls. Instagram polls are a light and easy way for fans to engage without too much effort on their part.  As with any social tactic there are best practices. We dive into three ways to effectively use Instagram Polls for your business.

Ask Yes/No Questions

There’s nothing more simple than a quick "yes" or "no" response. Think of relevant questions to ask your fanbase such as are you attending a certain event or tradeshow? Think about the strategy behind this question. Are you really taking attendance through a poll? Not necessarily. This is a great way to softly inform people about the event happening now and to get them to come. It creates a sense of “FOMO,” or fear of missing out, which may incline followers to book that ticket.

Down and Dirty Market Research

If you don’t have the resources for long surveys or focus groups, you can still see what resonates with customers with a simple poll.  For example, you may be able to determine which product might sell out first or which flavor someone prefers. Not only does this give you insight into your customer’s preferences it also lets fans know you value their opinions.

Grow Your Mailing List

Ask if you can email them for product updates. If they answer “yes”, reach out and get their email address. This is an easy way to generate leads and to understand which followers want to learn more about the company.

Know of other ways to effectively use Instagram polls? Share with us below!