When it comes to social copy for business, it’s important to know how to craft content. We discuss four ways to hone your communications so you can reach your goals. 

Consider Brand Voice

Every brand has its own voice and tone, but on social you have permission to go more casual, even if your company is a large corporate business. Social media accounts should not replicate the company website, but rather engage fans in conversation. However, keep in mind that while it’s causal, there are still word choices that may be more relevant to your target audience.

Short and Simple

Elaborate stories, case studies, and lengthy press releases are not appropriate content for social media platforms. For example, if you want to share your blog, create a link with a cleaver teaser. Think of social content in terms of fun bits of information that add value. If appropriate even use emojis to illustrate a point rather than explaining it in long sentences.

Call to Action (CTA)

There's no need to be promotional 24/7, but at the end of the day your social should drive business results. If you want fans to do something be direct. For example, ‘watch now,’ ‘read more’,  ask a question or create a poll. Every bit of information that encourages interaction with a brand could lead to that next sale.

Listen and Research

Know your audience - a must for marketing in general. Understand their likes, dislikes, interests and which social network they like to spend time on. The more you know who you’re talking to, the easier it will be to write for them.

Have other tips for crafting social content? Comment below!