New Features

LinkedIn Salary Insights: Want to know the potential earnings for a job? You’re in luck. The platform will be adding ‘salary insights’ on all job listings.

Facebook Lists: Because you’ve always wanted to share your to-do list with everyone.  This network’s feature is an attempt to encourage users to share more about themselves.

Pinterest Replies: Simply, "@" a fellow Pinterest user and a message will be sent to them via email. How will this improve your Pinterest strategy?

Instagram Regram: Similar to a retweet, users can now “regram” posts from other users to their personal story.

Want to try a new feature? Let us know!

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To Try in March: Instagram Polls

Looking for ways to revamp your Instagram Story strategy? We’ve pulled together three ways you can leverage Instagram Polls for your business.

Social Stats

daily Snapchat video views.

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posts are translated into other languages through Facebook's artificial intelligence daily.

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Instagram Story daily users.

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