Ever wonder why your pins aren’t getting re-pinned? We discuss simple practices your business can implement into your Pinterest strategy to increase engagement with your product or service.

First of all, it’s important to think like a pinner. Pinterest users create and use their account for inspiration.  Whether their goal is to eat healthier or renovate a kitchen on a budget, keep in mind they’re not searching for your product, they are searching for a need. Pinterest is designed to have users stumble upon your product through general searches.

High Value Search Terms

Use high value search terms for both SEO and Pinterest search in the images description with hashtags. Ask yourself, if I needed this product but didn’t know it existed, what relevant terms would I search to try and find what I need?

Smartphone Friendly Pins

Did you know 75% of daily Pinterest usage comes from mobile?  Tailor your Pinterest pins for smartphones.  Use long vertical images usually at a ratio of 3:2 or 4:3 (height:width), use images that are visually appealing, and be sure they are visible on the smartphone. Ask yourself, what layouts catch my eye when I’m scrolling through Pinterest on my phone and play with colors and fonts.

Stunning Graphics

Not only can you pin great photography shots, but adding to photos with resources like Canva to can lead to clickable content. Consider adding a short step-by-step description, creating an infographic or adding a simple title to a photo to entice pinners.

Top-Notch Landing Pages

With Pinterest it’s important to remain trustworthy when directing users to new sites. Make sure your pin is accurate and leads to a good pay off. Landing pages for businesses may include “how-to” videos, product news, contact information, or the link to directly buy.

When implementing best practices for a Pinterest business strategy, use a customer-centric mindset - pin with key terms, make it eye-catching and include reputable links.

Have other Pinterest tips not mentioned?  Comment below!