No matter the platform, most companies pass up the opportunity to use live video. We breakdown the top reasons why you should consider incorporating live video in your social media marketing tactics.

Trust / Transparency

The beauty of live video is its spontaneity or lack of rigid structure. It shows real people behind a brand which inspires trust. Customer service, demonstrations, announcements, events, and behind-the-scenes through live video push the envelope when it comes to relations with a brands users. Video of live events increase brand favorability by 63%.

Cost Effective

By leveraging the social platform's technology you can deliver an instant feed to your page for little investment. It is possible to plug in a professional cam if you'd rather forgo the native tech, but as long as your hand is somewhat steady, iPhone quality does the job more often than not.   Did you know 96% of B2B organizations are using live video as part of their online marketing? 


Live video is a great way to create conversation around your brand. Whether you are offering up expertise through a Q & A, exclusive behind-the-scenes content or hosting a giveaway, live video creates excitement on your page.  Facebook users comment 10X more on live videos than they do on regular videos. 

You know the benefits. How do you plan on using live video in your marketing plans? Comment below!