Using Social Influence to Drive Online Sales

Toadfish Outfitters

We helped Toadfish Outfitters drive online sales for their oyster knife - the ultimate tool for oyster shucking. By sending samples to chefs, oyster companies, and social influencers in coastal cities, we were able to create excitement, generate word of mouth and third party endorsements that included a link back to Toadfish for purchase.

Toadfish Outfitters

Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Toadfish Outfitters uses environmentally responsible materials and donates a percentage of every purchase to preserve 10 square feet of oyster beds. One step at a time, we’re helping protect coastal habitats by increasing its company’s sales.

Top Performing Post

Ale 8

Highlight product around a specific holiday. We included the entire Ale-8 product line for National Beverage Day. This brought in more than 1,200 likes and more than 200 shares organically on Facebook. How can you showcase a product or service that ties in to a national holiday? Be creative!

New Features

  • Instagram Uploading: Hallelujah! #Instagram users can now select up to ten photos or videos on their camera roll and upload directly to their story.

  • Twitter in Real Time: Replies, retweets, and likes update in real time, right before your eyes. How cool is that when watching a tweet go viral? Well done, #Twitter.
  • Pinterest Visibility: Bolder type, screen reader support, and improved color contrast sensitivity include #Pinterest improvements to users with low vision.
  • YouTube Reminder:  Set reminders on #Youtube to take a break and disconnect from video.

Want to try a new feature? Let us know!

To Try in June:

Nothing plays better on Instagram than a tasty food pic, and an endorsement from a local food account can drive interest in your product or restaurant. We take a look at some of our favorite IG-ers in the Louisville area.

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Did you know:

93%: Percentage of businesses expected to

increase their social ad spending this year.

260,000,000: The number of active monthly

LinkedIn users.