Meet the Influencer: Whitney Scheibel, @fabulousinfayette

Year Started on IG: 2016

Street Cred: Her blog was named one of the "Top 20 Blogs" in Lexington, she recently nibbled her way through the USA TODAY NETWORK Wine & Food Experience, and she has made appearances on behalf of brands on local TV.  

Q: Why did you start your account?

A: “My tagline and my mission is celebrating the fabulous city of Lexington and the great state of Kentucky and Southern living. I wanted to focus on a local’s perspective and share my favorite businesses because I’m a huge supporter of supporting local, the food scene and events and things to do in the area. ”

Q: What content plays well?

A: “I think pictures of my face, and of myself, sometimes perform better than pictures without me...and I notice some food pictures do better, like desserts or especially food from local restaurants ...but I think people want to see the person behind the account.”

Q: What’s your approach to food versus fashion photos?

A: “With food photos I like to do a close-up photo...with fashion I like to get more of the background and the scenery.”

Q: What accounts should we follow?

“I really like the Kentucky accounts like @KYTourism and I prefer following food accounts that are based here.”

Hear more from Whitney:

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