Meet the Influencer: Abram Bagwell, @nashvilleontherocks

Nashville on the Rocks is a beverage-focused Instagram account that focuses on all things sip-worthy in the Music City. It began when three friends in East Nashville decided they wanted to document what they were drinking and has evolved into some of the best cocktail shots captured in the city. We discuss with Abram how it works when it comes to sharing an account with two other people and why they decided to go drinks over food. 

Q: How did you get started?

“It started over cheap margaritas, which is how all great ideas start. We were sitting there and said, ‘we should just start an Instagram ...and just take pictures of what we eat and drink’, so we did. Our first post was Walden's bar, which is here in East Nashville.”

Q: Where would I go to get a cocktail in Nashville?

“I think if you limit yourself to one kind of drink or one kind of place, you’re missing out on what Nashville has to offer right now.  We live in East Nashville so that’s kind of our favorite place. We love The Fox Bar, and their menu is great because it rotates out monthly. We love a place called Rosemary & Beauty Queen, it’s really fun...I don’t think Nashville has a signature cocktail. Of course whiskey is big around here.”

Q: If there are three of you running an account, is the content planned ahead or do you have free reign?

“A little mix of both. If we’re having a drink and it’s a cool environment, we always try and take a photo. Working with any photo based platform you need to take as many as possible because only a certain percentage of that you are going to be able to use. We have a stock of photos we can pull from.”

Q: How do you decide what brands to work with?

“Nashville is at the heart of what we do in our Instagram  Yes, we take pictures of drinks but it’s all about Nashville as a community. That’s really important to us. We gear it towards local brands and businesses. Those are the outlets that we really enjoy.”

Q: Why not food?

“There’s so many food bloggers and the three of us agreed that the cocktail scene is what we are interested in.”

Listen to the full interview with Abram on Eat. Drink. Social.

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