With organic reach on the decline, Facebook has released a “best practices” guide to help companies achieve more engagement on Instagram and Facebook. While boosting a post is a surefire way to make it to the top of the newsfeed, we take a look at other tips from the guide for getting your content seen.

  • What to post: Give fans something to be excited about whether that’s behind-the-scenes content or something special for fans-only. Mix up the types of content you post as videos will appeal to some and photos to others. Just steer clear of anything that’s too overproduced and don’t be afraid to get “real” especially on disappearing Stories.

  • How often to post: Facebook suggests frequent posting, even daily, as long as you put the effort into keeping content fresh.

  • When to engage: Make sure to have a two-way conversation with fans. Acknowledging a fan, even on positive comments, is key. If you host a Facebook or Instagram Live make sure you leave time for Q&A.

  • Where to tag: Tagging locations and other pages is a sure way to extend your reach, especially on the Instagram Explore Tab.

What are your best practices for Facebook or Instagram? Be sure to sure in the comments below.