Eat. Drink. Social.

In a recent episode of Eat, Drink, Social, we learn how two best friends used social media to get out of their daily routine and eventually land a reoccurring news segment on Lexington TV.  Hear from the Kentucky Tastebuds on our podcast which features social media influencers in the food and beverage space.


The Art of Unboxing

When client Casa Alvarez wanted to create social buzz with Colorado-based foodies, they not only included samples of their green chile, they sent an entire fiesta complete with sombrero and pinata. The more memorable of an experience you create, the more Instagram posts and stories you may generate.

influencer unboxing

New Features

Pinterest Max Video: Is bigger better? Pinterest thinks so. The network recently rolled out video ads that span the length of two pin widths.

Facebook Gets Personal: First it was the news feed; now it’s shortcut icons. Facebook is customizing the icons on users’ apps to push frequently used sections like Marketplace for those who shop often.

Snap Chatter: Want to know what emojis are trending? Snapchat expands beyond trending topics to trending celebs and even slang. "Draking" anyone?

LinkedIn Career Shifts: If you’ve had multiple roles at one company, you’ll now be able to show your career path more clearly thanks to LinkedIn’s new profile layout.

To Try This Month

If your social ad budget is tapped out, you’ll want to read our take on Facebook’s recently released “best practices” guide for extending organic reach. You'll find good reminders when thinking about your next round of content. Check out our Go Social blog post here.

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August Stats

90% of weekly pinners use the app to inform their purchase decisions.

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9 out of 10 advertisers say they’d rather advertise on Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat Stories.

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