Eat. Drink. Social.


MySpace, Twitter, Facebook. Do you remember the first social network you joined? The team at Go Social discuss the past, present and future of social media on the latest “Eat. Drink. Social.” podcast episode.  Hear our predictions and be sure to subscribe on Apple Podcasts or wherever you may listen, to hear more interviews in 2019 as we explore the world of social influencers in the food and beverage space.

This Month's Spotlight

While newsrooms may be shrinking, we’re seeing digital teams at traditional pubs expand. Whether its Food Network Magazine’s show on IGTV or Men’s Journal Facebook page, these social-only ops give your brand a chance to win over an audience who may not subscribe to the print version.

Our client Toadfish Outfitters received some great play on Men’s Journal’s social media channels which was also shared on their Health and Fitness social outlets expanding the reach to more than 80K views right before the key holiday buying period.


Global Social Stats

As we head into the new year, social media use continues to grow on a global scale. Below are a few stats to keep in mind.

  • 3.1 billion users. The number of social media users are up 13% year on year.

  • 2 billion active users. Facebook continues to be the dominant social network globally despite negative press.

  • 92% of U.S. teens say YouTube is the channel they use more often.

  • When it comes to Snapchat, social users in France spend the most time on this network.

New Features

  • Could horizontal scrolling be on the horizon in 2019? Instagram accidentally released the new scroll option much to users dismay.

  • Snapchat started them and Instagram took them to a new level. Now YouTube is offering “stories” on its channel to select content creators.

  • Speaking of stories, you can now add music to your Facebook story, as well as your profile.

To Try This Month: Top Hashtags of 2018


These hashtags were trending in 2018 and no doubt will still get play in 2019. In our most recent blog, we take a look at the Top 5 hashtags of 2018 and how you as a business can use them to gain engagement for your brand.