If you’re looking to maximize your Twitter presence, you’ll need to swim through a sea of the nearly 500 million tweets that are sent every day. To get organized and make the most of your Twitter time we recommend leveraging an oldie but goodie Twitter feature - Twitter lists.

Twitter lists are a simple way to segment your followers and take control of conversation. To get your Twitter List presence going take these three steps:

Segment your audience: Think about the people you follow by categories. They could be different customer groups, followers in different regions or people you follow who have a certain expertise.

Build your list. Once you’ve nailed down your categories, click on a handle (make sure you are following) and add that person to his/her respective list. The first time you add to a list you’ll need to “name” the list. You can decide whether you make your list private or public. If you’re using it for monitoring purposes you may want to make it private. If you want a follower to notice you, or you want to provide your list as a resource to others who may be interested in that topic, make it public.

You can set up multiple lists and as many accounts to one list as you’d like, although too many accounts on one list could just turn into a massive Twitter hose. Remember, the reason for lists in the first place is to help you follow along with conversation more easily.

Listen and engage. Once your lists are set up, make it a habit to visit them regularly. By breaking down the Twitter feed you get to know individuals better giving you the chance to jump into conversations in a more meaningful way.

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