What if there was a way to make a positive impact in the lives of others through the simple click of a button? When Facebook Donations rolled out in 2015, non-profit organizations were able to see an uptick in their donations thanks to the viral nature of social sharing. With the platform raising well over $300 million in 2018 alone, this tool definitely has a proven track record.

To launch a campaign from your page,  your organization has to fall under the categories of a Nonprofit or Charity. After your submission, Facebook will then review & verify the account before the page goes live. This process shouldn’t take longer than 2-3 weeks, and then your donation page will be up and running.

Once you’ve been approved there are two ways to use Facebook Donation as a business.

  1. Drive to your website.

    The Facebook Donation tool offers an option to link the donate button to a separate website for which the donations are taken from. This option has an easy setup, however, it could cause a drop off in donations because of the added step for the user.

  2. Donate directly on Facebook.

    The second option allows nonprofits through Facebook directly, with absolutely no processing fee. The downside of this is that there’s a longer set-up process, but a benefit is that it allows the organization to collect more information about its donors.

An example of how this tool has been a success comes in the form of last year’s Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday is the following Tuesday after Thanksgiving, and utilizes the power and collaboration of social media to raise money for those in need. In 2018, non-profit organizations and their donors came together to raise $125 million. This was a record-breaking number, with Facebook teaming up with PayPal to match donations up to $7 million. The amount was met in seconds.

If you’re a for-profit business that wants to support a non-profit, there is a donate option on the status update. In order to use the Facebook native donation tool that non-profit must be registered with Facebook, otherwise, you’ll need to do it the old-fashioned way and drive to a donation page on their website via a link.

Overall, the Facebook Donation button is beneficial for all parties involved. Nonprofit organizations can now increase web traffic, collect remarketing information, and make quality conversions, while donors can stay connected with their favorite charities and organizations. This fundraising tool most importantly creates positive synergy between those giving and those receiving the donations.

To explore all of the features and benefits that the Donate button has to offer, head on over to Facebook’s Charitable Giving Tools Page.