Eat. Drink. Social.


What do you get when you combine a love for marketing with burgers and fries? An influencer who can not only take great food shots but can also drive customers in the door. In this episode of “Eat.Drink.Social,” we go inside the mind of Rev Ciancio, the mastermind behind @FunwithFries, to get his thoughts on using digital to promote restaurants. He also shares his favorite burger spots and his passion for the correct definition of a slider.

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This Month's Spotlight:
American Distilling Institute Conference


The American Distilling Institute came to Denver and we had the good fortune of serving as a social ambassador. While we did taste some new whiskey, we also had an opportunity to sit in on a few marketing-related sessions. Here are some PR take-aways from Adam Polonski, an editor-turned-distillery founder:

  • Ask first. Don’t send unsolicited samples to media and don’t assume a sample will guarantee coverage.

  • Get to know reporters. Read their work and talk to them on Twitter. When possible, try to meet in-person.

  • Most PR pitches fail. Tailor your pitch to each outlet and you’ll be more likely to score a story.  Real news items (new spirit releases, distillery expansions, etc.) are going to have a much better chance at coverage.

  • Working with the media is a long game. One placement doesn’t change everything; you have to keep seeding stories.

  • Trade pubs do have value. Ask yourself what your goal is and then target media. Trade pubs are great for helping increase distribution.

Facebook Video by the Numbers


Facebook Video is one of the newest frontiers in social that brands and marketers are paying attention. Here are some stats that may convince you to take the leap:

  • On a daily basis, Facebook generates 8 billion daily views on all of their video content.

  • Videos only makeup 3% of the content on the platform but generate more engagement than any other type of post.

  • Facebook videos posted natively have almost 10 times more reach than that of YouTube links.

  • 85% of users watch videos on Facebook with the sound off.

  • Since it’s the introduction of Facebook video in 2016, almost 3.5 billion broadcasts have been watched by almost 2 billion people.

New Features

  • Stories can now be promoted on Instagram with one simple click from mobile. You’ll also be able to share a link to your story on other social platforms.  

  • Facebook has rolled out a paid groups feature that allows brands to create groups with paid memberships.

  • A new camera update on Twitter is reminiscent of a Snapchat experience allowing users to capture images and video directly in the app.

  • LinkedIn has added a meeting planner tool within the messaging stream to facilitate in-person meetings without ever having to leave the app.

Be on the Lookout: Shopping on Instagram


With the introduction of Amazon and eBay in the late 90s, to the digital marketplaces that are utilized in countless apps and websites, e-commerce is evolving right in front of our eyes. With consumers expecting immediacy as a standard in today’s market, platforms and brands are having to take new approaches to make sure the purchasing experience is user-friendly and quick. Enter Instagram Checkout, a new feature that allows you to click and scroll. Read more...