Brands need fans, and the best of fans want to feel loved. Thankfully, Facebook is now dishing out Top Fan Badges to Brand Pages’ most-engaged and active users. It’s part of Facebook’s latest efforts to create strong, engaged online communities. 

So what does it mean? We outline four things you need to know about the newest Facebook feature.

1) What pages get this function?

Pages need to be older than 28 days and have more than 10K followers. If they are currently using the civic engagement award, then they won’t be able to use Top Fans. 

2) What fans get this badge? 

Followers who are consistently active on the page (watch your video content, like/react/share your posts or comment often). Once a user has received a badge, they will appear in the ‘Top Fans’ section under the ‘Community’ tab.

3) How can pages leverage Top Fans?

Pages can target organic posts to their Top Fans by selecting the Top Fan icon when creating a post. This means companies can offer exclusive discounts, promos and other perks to fans who they know are engaged and loyal. They can also tap Top Fans to receive feedback on products or services. Consider it a built-in focus group. 

4) What do Top Fans get out of it?

Top Fans can expect a “closer” relationship with their favorite brands. That may mean access to exclusive content, freebies, discounts or more one-on-one conversations. The possibilities of what you can reward your Top Fans with are endless.


Now that you know how the Top Fans Badge feature works, it’s time to put it to the test. Tell us how you use the Top Fan feature in the comments below.