Have you made your New Year’s Resolutions yet? Hitting the gym or cleaning up your diet may have made the list for 2017, but we have a few other ideas to grow your brand’s online presence. Take a look below for three easy and achievable social media habits to hold yourself to in the new year.

  1. Plan Ahead: Instead of coming up with content on the day-of, try preparing a weekly or monthly calendar with posts that you know you want to share. Using this strategy, you can officially say “goodbye” to low-quality, last-minute posts and “hello” to ones that tie back to your larger business goals. Remember, a planned content schedule isn’t set in stone, you can always add to it as the month goes on, but you’ll at least have set a good foundation.

  2. Focus on Networks that Matter: Stretching yourself thin doesn’t get you very far in the social world. Do your homework and research which social channels are the best fit for your brand. Look at where your customers or target audience are spending their time and use third-party resources like Pew Research to gather demographic information. It’s also valuable to see where your competitors are receiving the most engagement on social. By doing the work ahead of time, you can ensure that you’re not wasting time on channels that aren’t working for your brand.

  3. Be Helpful: Whether it’s informing or entertaining, share posts that will help others. Posting a tip, trick or just something that makes your fans smile, can go a long way for increasing engagement. If you’re able to give back to fans and customers, they’re more likely to appreciate you, and that means more engagement and more loyalty.

Do you have any social media goals for 2017? Share them in the comment section below.