Advertising on LinkedIn is something that both B2C and B2B companies are doing. Why? Because it’s the world’s largest professional network and the knowledge you can gain from advertising with them is nearly infinite. However, a successful LinkedIn campaign isn’t as easy as a click of the button. One common pitfall when advertising on LinkedIn is using the wrong targeting strategies. Read on to find out four common targeting struggles on LinkedIn and how you can fix them for your next campaign.  

  1. Narrow Targeting: Some people think that targeting an extremely specific audience will result in an ideal audience, but it usually just means your ad isn’t going to get a ton of traffic. Try widening your reach to maintain a healthy audience size.

  2. Targeting Multiple Geos at Once: If you’re setting up a campaign that’s set to deliver in multiple timezones, you’re putting your ad at risk of under-delivering in key markets. For example, if you’re setting up a campaign and targeting the United States and Europe with a daily budget of $100, it’ll probably shut off before it gets to the U.S. because it already reached its budget. Combat this by creating multiple campaigns so you don’t have to worry about delivery issues. 

  3. Targeting by Age: Age is inferred on LinkedIn, and is not something that’s required in the profile. So, LinkedIn recommends that you target by seniority instead as it’s more effective.

  4. Overlapping Targeting: Instead of lumping everything into one campaign and trying to target everyone, separate them out. Commit one campaign to a certain job function, and another for a different one. This will help with quality reach over quantity, and avoiding any overlapping problems.

Do you have any LinkedIn advertising tips and tricks? Be sure to share them in the comments.