I've delved into the world of Twitter a bit more for a client and have been thinking  about the different ways in which you can pass content on. Here are the four main buckets and the role each one plays. Feel free to tag more on if I've left one out. 1.       Original Content – Sharing original content about yourself, organization or brand.

  • Benefit to followers: If good, the original content entertains or educates.
  • Benefit to you: A good chance for more exposure if people re-tweet your content. Also a good chance to create a deeper connection if the post creates a conversation with individual followers.

2.       Retweet – Repurpose someone else’s content.

  • Benefit to followers: Potentially exposes them to someone new that they may find interesting.
  • Benefit to you: Provides you with valuable content for your followers. Shows you are listening to what others have to say.

3.       @ Reply – A response to someone's tweet.

  • Benefit to followers: They may have had a similar question or thought and can then  jump into the conversation.
  • Benefit to you: Provides you with a chance to create deeper connections one–on-one.

4.       DM – A private message.

  • Benefit to followers: None really aside from the person who receives the message.
  • Benefit to you: Allows you to share info that may not be relevant to the “masses.”