When is the last time you called a 1-800 number? How about tweeted or posted? Social media is a key way consumers communicate today and also how they interact with brands, but many companies are missing the opportunity on their product packaging. We've compiled four easy strategies to consider when incorporating social in product design.

  1. Bring value : Give your fans a reason to log on to social, and continue a richer ongoing conversation online. Whether it's recipes, entertainment or the promise of winning something big, when you tell customers why they should check you out on social, they are more likely to do so.

  2. Add a CTA: Printing a call to action on your packaging is a great way to get your fans to show their love for your product on social media. Is your brand experience-focused? Prompt them to share a story about the first time they used your product or a trip they took your product on. It’s a great way to have fans document the role your brand plays in their lifestyle. And don't forget to include a hashtag so you can easily find fan content in the sea of social. 

  3. Know Your Audience: Knowing where your audience spends their time online is key, especially if space on your package is limited.  If you’re targeting moms, try promoting your Pinterest account. If you’re targeting millennials, calling out Instagram or Snapchat might be a better route. Remember, you may not need to highlight every channel you're on, sometimes less is more.

  4. Back to the Basics: At the very least, adding your social handles shows that you are in the social scene. Think about the response a 1-800 number evokes versus a social icon. Two totally different vibes. Plus, pushing social allows you to potentially hang on to those customers longer. If you can engage them in an online conversation, you have a better chance at staying top of mind and building loyalty. 

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