It’s no secret that Facebook has the largest audience when it comes to social media, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to gain interaction and engagement with fans in the overcrowded space. Check out these five tips to improve your engagement.

  1. Ask Questions: Engagement can be improved with just one question. Ask, and you shall receive… comments. Are you a spirits company? See what your fans like to mix your spirits with, and they’ll likely respond.

  2. Host Contests: Who doesn’t like free stuff? Hosting contests is an easy way to get fans involved with your brand. Whether it’s a coupon to your restaurant or some swag with your logo on it, hosting small contests can have big payoff.

  3. Create a Call to Action: Tell your fans what to do… nicely, of course. Giving them a simple call to action prompts them to engage. Want them to like or comment? Then say so.

  4. Go Behind the Scenes: Fact: Fans enjoy being a little nosey. They like to know that there are real people behind their favorite companies. Experiment with posting photos from around the office or “real life” photos to gain some engagement with the fans. And speaking of real life photos, don’t forget to share fan photos too.

  5. Do Your Part: Responding to comments, liking visitor posts, etc. is essential to showing your fans that you, too, are engaged. The more you interact, the more they will too. It goes both ways!

Do you have any tips on engaging with fans on Facebook? Share them in the comments below.