There's a difference between a marketing activity that is designed to create buzz for the business, and a marketing activity that is designed to provide a solution for a consumer. In theory, if you provide a useful, quality solution, buzz will follow. It's too early to tell, but by all appearances, American Express' new partnership with Facebook provides a solution. If I'm an AMEX user I can enter my card information into an app which lives on American Express' Facebook page. The app then connects my Facebook likes with deals and special offers American Express provides, therefore delivering offers I'll actually use. Pretty sweet.

Even better... the whole transaction is paperless. The deals or offers are loaded onto the card so I don't have to worry about printing anything off.

I love this. I love this almost as much as the Chase commercial I saw recently where you can take a picture of a check and deposit from your phone.

There is so much data on  social to be harnessed and put to good use. Not just to paint a clearer picture of your customer so you can target better, but to actually tweak your services so you're selling something people actually want. A strange concept, right?

What other real solutions have you seen on social or mobile?