A recent study showed that 5% of kids under the age of two have social network profiles. Parents cite wanting to share photos and updates with families as the main reason.  Not to be outdone by fetuses - 23% of fetuses have their photo online before they are out of the womb. I get the kid thing. I actually enjoy seeing cute pictures and updates from my friends' kids and even get a chuckle when their picture shows up for a friend request. Fetus photos I'm not quite on board with. It is a bit too personal and well, "internal" for my tastes, but to each his own.

What's important to note is having an online identity will be second nature to these children. I could see managing  online reputations becoming a field of its own, just as an image consultant is a profession today. I can also see this generation using online as the first step to connecting socially versus the social connection you make after you've connected in the offline world.

What do you think?