A couple of months ago, we shared our favorite ways that the spirits industry is toying around with the digital world, and now, we have a whole new batch for you. From Instagram Stories to Chatbots, these four digital campaigns are worth checking out.

  1. Ketel One + Instagram Stories: It’s no secret that Instagram Stories have become a marketing tool that everyone’s loving, and that doesn’t stop at spirits brands. Ketel One took to the Snapchat twin to show fans how to master the art of a Ketel One Cucumber Mule. If you try out this strategy, amp it up by prompting the user to screenshot your Story. Not only does it create engagement, but they can also see the recipe for longer than 24 hours.

  2. Absolut + Chatbot: Have you tried out Facebook Messenger’s Chatbot yet? Absolut certainly has, and it’s making a big splash in select U.S. cities like Denver and Chicago. By messaging back and forth with the bot, users can discover a bar that will give them a free Absolut drink in their area. A great way to use digital to drive trial.

  3. Diageo + Holiday Virtual Reality: Diageo is dipping their toes in the virtual reality water with a responsibility effort.  In order to stress the importance of designated drivers, they unveiled their holiday “Decisions” campaign, which gives people the opportunity to experience what it feels like to be involved in a drunk driving crash.

  4. Apple’s Newest Emojis: Emojis get a boozy upgrade in Apple’s newest software update. Just in time for the holidays, iOS 10.2 is equipped with two new alcohol emojis, including a neat whiskey and clinking champagne glasses. Go ahead, give them a shot!

Have you seen any spirits brands trying new strategies in the digital world? Comment your favorites below.