The change game is complicated. Don't make drastic changes (see Apple iPhone 4s) people complain. Don't see change coming (see Blockbuster, Borders) you could go under. Make too much change (enter Facebook) and you risk ticking people off. Facebook's new Timeline, Ticker and Newsfeed may take some getting used to, but after getting over the initial shock, I actually find the new changes worthwhile.

Timeline is light years better then my profile page which had little use. Ticker brings what was "Recent News" to life giving more real-time exposure. And the Newsfeed? Well I'm happy to not have to toggle back between the two tabs. Only time will tell if brand pages are hurt by the move. I've noticed some activity lighten up on pages that don't have as many fans but the ticker does seem to offer a quick burst of exposure every time you update.

Let's be honest, if Facebook didn't change it would become MySpace. Instead of ranting and raving about changes I think we should thank Facebook for forcing us to learn how to be flexible.

Yes, the changes are irritating at times for the user, but we'll survive and in the end so will Facebook.