Is it weird to think that email may be out of date? Typewriters sure, fountain pens you betcha, but email is e-tastic. The truth is I've found myself emailing with colleagues wishing they would head over to the Chat/IM function. Look if we are making lunch plans, I don't need to wait for you to craft an email and think of a clever subject line. An IM will do just fine. So it's not totally surprising that Facebook heard other people saying email is too slow and jumped on it by rolling out Facebook Messaging - a new form of communication that is more integrated with IM, text and social. Most are saying Facebook Messages is not an email killer, and that may be , but one day something is bound to replace email. And when it does something newer, faster, more efficient will come to life no doubt. Happens all the time with everything. So perhaps Facebook messaging is not cutting us off from email but rather easing us into this idea of change.