It's shopping season and Facebook is helping to fuel in-store success with its new "Store Visits" campaign. This is a new ad strategy that helps to bridge the online and offline gap with ads that target shoppers when they are near your store. A few of the benefits:

  • Location-Based Relevance: Ever wish you could tailor your ads to certain locations so users are only being shown relevant information? With a Store Visits objective campaign, CTAs, maps and copy are based on the store location that’s nearest to the person who is viewing your ad. This means if you’re running two separate sales or have varying store hours, you aren’t giving users any false information.

  • Store Locator: A map on the ad allows users to view your store locations, relative to where they are located. The best part about this feature is that the user isn’t forced to leave Facebook to get necessary location information, like the store’s address, phone number or the hours of operation. Consumers like convenience, and this is a great way to allow the customer to take action without ever having to exit their timeline.

  • Actionable Insights: If you’re stuck wondering which store is benefitting from Facebook ads and which ones aren’t, worry no more. When you run a Store Visits objective campaign, you can see stats and insights on both the campaign as a whole, as well as the individual stores. Facebook does this by using location services, ensuring that the success of an in-store visit can be attributed to the ad you are running.

Interested in running a Store Visits objective campaign? Check out Facebook’s full tutorial to learn more.