Pinterest: It’s where people go to get inspired, to decide on a last-minute dinner or even to pick a cocktail to shake up that night. So why not add your brand to the mix? Content hits on Pinterest a little different than it does on the social media outlets. If you’re new to the Pinterest game, no problem. Check out these five easy tips and tricks to creating the perfect pin for your business.

1. Go Vertical: It’s time to ditch the horizontal, Facebook-friendly pictures and opt for vertical. Pins are organized into columns, so vertical images naturally take up more real estate. Make sure your brand or products are positioned well within the pin image.

2. Detail, detail, detail: Who posts on social without a description? That doesn’t stop at Pinterest. The description is where you want to insert relevant keywords.

3. Use Collages: Compelling images are must in a crowded space like Pinterest. Create a collaged pin that shows a few of your products instead of just one. Have three colors of one product? Show that. Pinners want to know what to expect before they click through, and the more interesting the photo, the more likely they'll click.

4. Text Overlay: Sometimes, an image needs a little help to get the point across. Enter text overlay. Adding helpful information onto your image gives a pinner all the more reason to save it.

5. Tasteful Branding: Lastly, you want to show off your brand, but in a decent and tasteful manner. Build awareness by using a simple watermark or your brand’s colors, so pinners know it’s coming from you.

And there you have it. You’re well on your way to becoming a Pinterest pro! What’s your favorite way to use Pinterest? Be sure to tell us in the comments below.