A few years ago putting the symbolic blue F on your point of sale or ad was pretty cool. Telling people you were on Facebook made you look hip, with it, cutting edge. The game has since changed and well, pretty much everyone is on Facebook. So boys and girls it is now time to step up your game and tell me why I should "like" you. Sure there are going to be some brands that are cool enough that I just want to be a part of their page, but for the most part I need to know what's in it for me. This doesn't have to be rocket science and it doesn't have to be something that costs you a lot of money, it most likely will be repurposing content that you already have. When strolling down the aisles of my local grocery store, a voice on the speaker encourages shoppers to fan ValuMarket on Facebook to learn about great deals and coupons before they get to the store.

How smart. Because ordinarily I wouldn't feel the need to seek them out on Facebook, but now I have a reason, because I know what's in it for me. We know you're out there...now tell us why we should care.