Finally, Google has created a social network that people seem to like, or at least tech reporters seem to like. The rest of the world gets to have their say later this month. Why Google + may work:

It's clean, lean and seems to provide an easy solution for one of Facebook's downfalls - I don't want my mom/boss/potential future employer to see this post. Sure Facebook has created lists and groups as a work around to this problem, but after you reach the 200-plus friend mark, it almost seems easier to wipe the slate clean and start with a new social network placing friends where they belong from the get go.

It offers a quality video chat function. Facebook is set to announce one soon, but it puts them in a me-too bucket, a place Facebook seems to be often these days (see Foursquare/Places, Groupon/Deals).

Between the Circles and Sparks function, Google + seems to combine the best of both worlds - friends (Facebook) + interests (Twitter).

It already has brands itching to get on board. Among many other media outlets which have created profiles, Ford is one of the first brands to create a page. Google promises small business pages are in the works.

And finally, it's too important to not work.  With Bing in bed with Facebook, Google has to find its answer to social search. It tried Twitter, but recently ended that relationship for Google +.

We'll see what happens and if people are going to make the switch. In the mean time check out the demo: