Google + has been a bit of a roller coaster for me. At first the high of getting in, the rush of the potential, the excitement of circles and then the low when I realized my friends are still elsewhere. It's an unusual network where you can be followed without following - a la Twitter - but it also looks a heck of a lot like Facebook not only in design but in the fact that it houses all of your info - photos, videos, likes/pluses.

My biggest struggle thus far is who to follow. I've used a weird methodology to following people - if we're already friends on Facebook, it is a no-brainer, they are in a circle.  If I follow them on Twitter it's okay for me to follow on Google + probably. I feel a little awkward. I'm trying not to follow anyone I'm not already following on one of the other two networks quite yet....seems a bit intrusive and I just don't want to be that creepy person that evokes the reaction - who the heck is this? Although I'm sure it has already happened.

In terms of content shared, Google + also raised some questions. On Twitter we're sharing links, brief comments and the occasional Twitpic, but all and all it can be somewhat impersonal. And then there's Facebook which if I really break it down feels like my online diary of sorts - I'm sharing info on relationships, vacation photos, events I've attended, birthday wishes.

So where does Google + fit in? Is this my new diary or is this my new means of keeping up with interesting articles from strangers who share similar passions?  It seems like a mish mash of both - my worlds are colliding.

For now, I'm keeping my eye on Google + and going to continue to navigate, but I'm not quitting Facebook or Twitter yet. At least I know how to behave and what to expect on those platforms. And best of all, everyone is in their proper place.