For me, Facebook is for friends and brands that I consider "friends" and Twitter is for information. I use it to stay current with the latest in social media and local happenings. But stuck somewhere between Mashable and WFPL is my guilty pleasure - @sn00ki (Nicole P. from The Jersey Shore). She certainly doesn't make me smarter, she doesn't help me decide what to do on the weekend, but darn it if she doesn't fascinate me all the same. There's something about Snooki and her five foot poof that makes me admire her. Somewhere between judging her and poking fun, she made America fall in love with her without them even realizing it, and all along she smiled and remained true to herself. There's also a shameful piece of me that watches her because I still think there's a train wreck waiting to take place and I want to be on the forefront of her Tweets if it happens.

My husband on the other hand uses Twitter to stay current on sports and news, and his guilty pleasure is Kenny Powers persona @KfuckingP. I think he quotes him on a every other day basis.

Whether it's a self proclaimed guidette or a washed up ball player, it takes all kinds to make a social network vibrant, and while I would argue most of the well-followed Twitter handles do provide legit information, there is space out there for the guilty pleasures. Who is your favorite guilty pleasure to follow? That is if you aren't too embarrassed to admit it of course.