It's every marketer's dream to have 1 million Facebook fans waiting to hear your messages and even better waiting to give you real time feedback. Finally, you have a place tucked neatly between family and friends in a newsfeed. But of course you have to respect that space. A recent study by Opinionway shows 36% of people stop "liking" a company on Facebook mainly because they don't care for the content or the frequency of posts are too intense. Which got me thinking about some recent Facebook ads I've seen that could be construed as a little misleading. An ad by Casa Dragones Tequila shows Eva Longoria and promises other celeb pics. Another ad from Corona Light promises to put my face on a billboard in Times Square if I like it. Now if I'm a Desperate Housewives fan I may click that ad but it really doesn't mean I like the tequila, and if the thought of seeing myself in Times Square seems exciting...which it does...I may click Corona Light, but it doesn't mean I like the beer...which I happen to like very much actually.

The point is you may get a million fans this way but are they going to stay? Do they really really like you, because if not, they aren't going to keep you in their ever-growing newsfeed. Perhaps its better to just tell them the truth. "Hello, my name is Casa Dragones, I paid Eva Longoria twenty grand to show up at this party and take a quick picture. You probably won't see her very often on the page. In fact what you'll really get are some recipes. That's who I really am. P.S. Hope we can still be friends."