Since cell phone videos became prevalent in society, it was only a matter of time that users preferred vertical video on social media. With the launch of IGTV, Facebook and Instagram recognize this pattern in behavior.

Long-form vertical video is Instagram’s attempt to dethrone YouTube as King of Video Content Curation. While I can’t say for certain (or really even expect) YouTube to go away, I feel like IGTV is here to stay. Why? People are browsing on Instagram and, if given the opportunity, will watch a video that doesn’t require them leaving their native Instagram app (by the way, there’s also an IGTV app). The long-form vertical video feels natural to them at this point and might watch a video up to 60 minutes. Even the NBA Summer League experimented by producing games for vertical devices. 


How are brands taking advantage of Instagram's newest feature? Bacardi used it to drive their #DoWhatMovesYou campaign. Through audience participation, the alcohol brand was able to collaborate with fans to direct their own music video.

Personally, I don’t see vertical video becoming a norm until more movie theaters, televisions, and other screens are no longer horizontal. BUT, it’s clear that mobile users are getting used to the idea and might lead the way to such a radical change in video production.

Benefits of IGTV:

  • No time constraint
  • Brands and creators can now make an even stronger connection with their audience through well-produced video
  • With longer video gives an opportunity for more links