Who knew so much technology went into crafting a good drink? The beverage alcohol category made a splash at CES with tech that helps consumers master ‘hometainment’ - entertaining at home instead of going out for drinks and dinner. Check out our favorite industry gadgets featured at CES 2017 below.  

  1. Pernod Ricard Opn: Get ready to transform the way you make cocktails at home. Pernod Ricard introduced Opn at CES — a mixology app on steroids. The app teaches users new recipes and gives suggestions on customizing existing ones based on what ingredients you have on-hand. It will also add items to your shopping list and order spirits to be delivered to your door. There are currently over 300 step-by-step cocktail recipes on the app, and with a rollout date of 2018, we’re assuming that number will just keep growing.

  2. D-Vine Connect: D-Vine smart wine device, dubbed the Keurig for wine, debuted an upgrade version at CES. This wine gadget features an interactive touchscreen that provides a world-class sommelier at your fingertips, offering food pairings and tailored wine suggestions. It also has the ability to “improve” wine.  Add four ounces of Franzia boxed wine and watch it transform into the best glass of wine you’ve ever tasted. No, really.

  3. Freestyle PicoPak BrewCrafter: The personalization trend continues. This new tech allows you to create the perfect craft beer for your taste with a touch of a button. Just drag and drop grains, hops and yeast into a virtual PicoPak, and they’ll deliver it to your doorstep in a matter of days.

  4. Alchema Brewer: As if crafting your own beer wasn’t good enough, now you can turn leftover fruit into alcohol with this device that’s “as easy as making coffee.” After you pop in the fruit and a few other ingredients into the device, connect it to your WiFi network and open up the app where you can adjust sweetness, alcohol content and more.

  5. Proof: Forget counting steps or daily activity. Enter: the wearable that reads your blood alcohol content. Put on this tech bracelet, tether it to your iPhone or Android and see if you need to call a cab. We’re curious to watch if brands in the industry will partner with this new wearable, or if smart watch products like the FitBit and the Apple Watch will replicate the idea.

What was your favorite gadget that debuted at CES? Share it in the comments below.