Facebook recently rolled out a new feature that allows businesses to post job openings and people to search and apply for jobs right from their favorite social media. Are we surprised? Not really, it was about the only thing you couldn’t do on Facebook, so we had to see this one coming. The question is: Will this new feature totally replace LinkedIn? Here’s what you need to know.  

By now, you probably know your way around LinkedIn, but how exactly do you post or apply for a job on Facebook? Businesses will post job openings on their existing business page, and people can apply directly from there. Once they’ve applied, their application will pop up in your Facebook Messenger.

The biggest thing to note is that if you post a job on Facebook instead of LinkedIn, you’re bound to reach more prospective workers. With close to two billion users each month, Facebook trumps LinkedIn’s 106 million monthly users by a landslide. However, the fact that you can apply on Facebook in the same amount of time you can go through the drive thru line means there may be some weeding out to do.

The reason why Facebook isn’t quick to completely dominate the job scene is because it depends on what you’re hiring for. You may be able to find the right employees on Facebook if you’re looking to fill hourly or part-time positions, whereas LinkedIn is potentially still a better fit for reaching professionals or a higher-skilled job market.

There’s no denying that posting and applying for jobs through a social channel that you frequently visit is extremely convenient, but in our opinion, they both have their benefits. Instead of completely taking over LinkedIn, we suspect Facebook just threw a wrench in their works.

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