Wondering what to pay attention to in 2014 on social media? Here are a few things to keep on your radar. Pay for Play. With Facebook's ever changing algorithm and the introduction of advertising on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, it's becoming clear that brands will need to devote dollars to stand out in the newsfeed clutter.

Visual.  Imagery is going to continue to be key. You'll find more brands making a bigger investment in graphics tailored just for social.

Social Privacy. Between Snapchat and Instagram Direct, it's clear that there's room for social media activity that's not meant for the masses. Watch as the big networks try to give people more options and more control over content.

Mobile: Nothing new, but people will continue to tweet, post, tag from their phone. Make sure you think about that when creating promotions that drive to Facebook apps or non-mobile friendly sites.

What do you see as being important for social in 2014?