Your social media content should be three things - Relevant, Engaging and Strategic. It's a fine balance but do it right and your content will work harder for you. Here are a few examples: - It's Martin Luther King Day, which means it would be very relevant to talk about him today, but alas, I'm an orange juice brand. It's not really relevant for me. Find those larger conversations happening on social that you can legitimately be a part of and jump on them, but please don't force fit an awkward situation. It really is awkward for everyone involved. By creating a social media content calendar ahead of time you can identify those relevant time periods in advance and come up with a plan to own the days that make sense.

- Who doesn't like Someecards? Practically everyone does. So much so that if you post one on your page people aren't going to remember you. Recycling Someecards content, or other people's jokes on a regular basis may get you likes, but it won't build any loyalty. That kind of social media content isn't ownable, it doesn't differentiate you from the thousands of other wine brands posting a snarky cartoon about Wine Wednesday. Find a way to be engaging while telling your story - you know, the one that's unique to you.

- Your social media content should work hard for you. It should drive to a larger purpose for you and your fans. What do you need to accomplish and what do your fans need from you in order to help you accomplish that goal? Perhaps it's building awareness (great storytelling content/reason to believe) or perhaps it's to sell more stuff (coupons/deals). Look at your business goals and see how social can fit into them. Yes, social is a fun, relatively new space, but that doesn't mean your content should be permitted to run wild with no accountability. We all have to pull our weight. You can hear the crowd chanting "ROI, ROI..." can't you?